The Little Studio ... on The Street
We provide a space where people can come and indulge in their passion for arts and crafts, experiment and try new things, or continue an existing project. Offering a calm, peaceful atmosphere, set in the heart of the village but enjoying a quiet space where creativity can thrive.

Monthly sales are held in our Pop Up Shop, offering art and crafts by a variety of makers, some of whom also provide workshops here. These sales will take place every month - there will also be cakes, tea and coffee. The sales are on the first weekend of the month, 10am-4.30pm Saturday and Sunday.

The space is also available to hire on an hourly basis if you would like to provide a workshop yourself - please contact us to discuss your requirements.

We are here to bring some fun, positivity, peace and calm to our busy world and we aim to provide a place that embraces all of those things. We look forward to meeting you!